Planning a Wedding in Cancun: The Easy Guide

For you, your partner is more than a passport, but for the law it’s a foreigner. That’s why if you’re planning how to get married in Cancun, Cancun you need to be ready with all the legal paperwork.

Things to keep in mind

Weddings on the beach have become a dream for many couples today, everyone figures that getting married on the beach is extremely expensive, but if you start looking for budgets you will realize that you will save what you could not even imagine. Mainly because the number of people who will attend will not be the same as you did in your city of origin. ​

1. Set a Budget

Before anything else, the golden rule is to determine how much you can spend, based on your family’s contributions and your own. It will be the driving factor for many of your wedding-related decisions, this should be one of the first things you tackle before planning your wedding in Cancun.

2. Pick the Timeframe

In Cancun it’s always summer! But that doesn’t mean every day it has perfect sunny weather. Learn about the rain and severe weather seasons. Choose a few ideal dates for your wedding and try to be flexible if possible so you’re not too constrained when the date arrives.

3. Make the Planning

Think about how you want your wedding to look and feel, the colors, textures, theme, everything you ever dreamed about. Your wedding planner can keep track of everything on schedule and do all the tasks you won’t have time to do while you’re having the time of your life in Cancun.

4. Choose a Venue

An all-inclusive resort full of event restrictions? Or your own luxurious private villa full of amenities and more than affordable. Once you’ve thoroughly read your venue’s contract and signed on the dotted line, you’ve officially set a date for your wedding in Cancun.

5. Book Vendors

Many top vendors are hired more than a year in advance, and once they’re booked, they’re gone. The average couple hires 10 vendors for their wedding. That may seem like a lot, but it’s important to hire the right people to ensure that your big day runs smoothly.

6. Plan the Ceremony

There’s a general outline that’s usually followed: processional, welcome, readings, vows, kiss, pronouncement, recessional — you’re married! When you personalize the ceremony, it allows people to feel rooted and renewed and bless and confirm your union.

7. Plan the Reception

To understand the importance of a successful reception, you would need: a receiving line, announcements, toasts, dancing, photos, bouquet or garter toss, seating arrangement, buffet, cocktail or dinner, menu, wedding cake, DJ, master of ceremonies, fireworks.

8. Rehearse the Dinner

The rehearsal dinner, which usually takes place the night before the wedding, requires some planning as well. Traditionally, the groom’s family plans the rehearsal dinner, but it’s important to figure out who’s planning for this important event well in advance.

9. Enjoy the Honeymoon

You may be thinking a lot about how to plan your wedding step by step, but don’t forget about the honeymoon! Fortunately, Cancun is full of extraordinary places you can choose to either enjoy your honeymoon in relaxation or in adrenaline.


Preparing the necessary documentation for a civil ceremony in Cancun can be overwhelming for foreign couples. Therefore, it’s immensely popular for many couples to hire a wedding planner that does all this work for them. We can help you ​​